About Me

Let me tell you a little about myself and what I do...

Computer System Engineer Degree

Front-End Developer with 5 years of experience building and maintaining responsive websites in the recruiting industry. Proficient in HTML & CSS. Passionate about building new concepts and possess working knowledge of Gimp or similar.

Currently working as a Freelancer offering digital services for various industries like Education, Sports & Real Estate Investing.

My activities include seeking the best web platforms for the client needs and build it; WordPress, cloud-base platform, Bootstrap, HTML&CSS. Conceptualizing the clients's brand image. Ensuring communication with the client and the team in all stages of product creation. Configure and provide cloud base tools for better internal management.


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I love knowledge and constantly updating. I just finished the Modern HTML&CSS from the Beginning course.


Some of my volunteer work included Geek Girls, Startup Weekend, Startup Digest, Startup Genome.

Technical Skills






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Irina possess a big drive when working on exciting projects, she loves to dig and learn new technologies and loves to be part of society changing activities.

  • Diego Barajas, Social Dot

Irina has a good handle on design and that is what we were looking for first. We also wanted our products to be able to be accessed on smart phones especially the Apple iPhone. The visual interface she created for The Magic Rug was excellent.

  • Tom Mathew, Trademark Universal